Current Research Topics

♦ Silicon nanophotonics phased-array antenna

  • Infrared (IR) radiators (antenna) based on Si-photonic grating and nano-metal plasmonics
  • Two-dimensional (2D) beam-forming using phased-array antenna
  • Application of nano-photonics phased-array antenna to LiDAR system for image scanning



♦ Si-photonic-based optical interconnection

  • High-speed and low-energy optical modulators
  • Multi-channel optical path switches and routers
  • Integration of light sources, modulators, detectors, switches for multi-channel data between 2D and 3D memory/microprocessor chips



♦ Silicon-photonic-based optical logic gates and computing

  • Si-photonic path-switch-based optical logic gates
  • Si-photonic arithmetic circuits


♦ 25Gbps optical interconnection modules for consumer IT systems

  • Design of 25Gbps optical transceiver ICs
  • Integration of IC chips and optical components
  • Development of a compact 25Gbps optical connector through the optical fiber to replace bulky UBS and HDMI connectors



♦ Optically-linked computer systems

  • Optical interconnection platform based on optical-fiber-embedded PCB for high-speed computer systems
  • Optical PCI express and optical UBS
  • Design of 10~20Gbps/channel bidirectional optical transceiver (TRx) ICs
  • Development of 100Gbps-level optical interconnect modules simply pluggable on the optical PCB