Silicon-based optical phased array for 3D image sensors (LiDAR)

  • Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) using infrared pulse laser
  • Non mechanical beam-steering using phase-controlled light interference
  • Silicon-based photonic device design for low power and small size
  • Applications : autonomous driving, robots, drones etc.

100Gbps silicon-photonics optical interposers for high speed chip-to-chip interconnection

  • Interposer based on optical PCB (printed circuit board) for optical signal transmission
  • High speed chip-to-chip interconnection by replacing electrical signals with optical signals
  • Photonic integrated circuit design for efficient electrical to optical signal conversion
  • Applications : sever system, mainboard etc.

200Gbps silicon photonic transceiver modules based on optical PCB for supercomputer application

  • Silicon photonic transceiver modules based on optical printed circuit board for high speed communication
  • Increased optical signal path for connect with external optical fiber
  • Applications : supercomputer, data center etc.